Kentucky Derby
Our NCB Saints Club will travel to Kentucky this spring, and included in the trip is a tour of Churchill Downs!  This contest is about Derby winners over the years!  What was the name of the horse that ran the fastest Kentucky Derby time on record?
  1.  American Pharoah
  2. Sea Biscuit
  3. Secretariat
  4. Kingman

Send your answer to!  The winner will be drawn from all the correct answers submitted and will receive a $15 Gift Card to River Rock Coffee in St. Peter.

Email Nicollet County Bank with your answer.
If we have more than one winner, we will draw a name from the correct anwsers.
P.S. If you have won an NCB website contest in the past you are still eligible to enter another contest. We will limit each person to collecting a maximum of three prizes per year.

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Our recent contest winners:
  • Congrats to our Fall Fun Facts contest winner Brenda Todd-Bense!  Brenda won a Gift Card to the Cheese & Pie Mongers for an apple pie!  Thanks also to Mary Gunderson who also submit the correct answer of 20,000 miles each way!
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  • Previous Contest winner:  Congratulations to Nancy Lager on winning our last website contest on Chocolate Fun Facts! Nancy won a box of chocolates after submitting the correct entry that over 60 million Hershey Kisses are made daily!
  • Congratulations to Pat Pehrson on winning our last website contest on the Shops in St. Peter!  Pat won the gift card to Patrick’s on Third!  Other correct entries included:  Daren Barfknecht, Mary Gunderson, Joe Peterson and Stacy Lang!
  • Pumpkin Contest Winner:   Stan Solberg…Congrats to Stan on winning the Whiskey River gift card!   Other correct answers included Mary Gunderson, Joe Peterson and Wanda Anthony.
  • Joe Peterson won the Farmers Market Contest!   He wins a gift card to the St. Peter Food Coop!
    Thanks to other folks who also sent in correct answers:  Mary Gunderson, Jean Sandland & Bobbi Klein!
  • Congrats to Mary Gunderson on winning the Irish Fest Contest!  She wins a gift card to Patrick's Restaurant in St. Peter! Other correct entries included Dan Honetshlager & Marlene Schwartz. Congrats to Brenda Todd-Bense on winning our Abe Lincoln Contest. He had NO middle name! Other correct answers included:  Carol Solberg, Barbara Luker and Joseph Peterson. Brenda won a large box of Whitman’s Chocolates!
  • Barb Luker won the $20 gift certificate to Whiskey River for the Thanksgiving Contest.  Her entry was:
              I am thankful that every day I get up I actually have things to give thanks for!  So many people in this world have nothing but misery, starvation, illness, loneliness, sorrow and other horrible things and they can’t see any happiness in the world.  But I have been blessed and am thankful that my family and I all have jobs, homes, food on our tables, friends and family who we love….and enough money and other blessings left over to help out those who are not as blessed as we are. 
              And as my family gathers for our Thanksgiving this year, I will be forever grateful for every single military person, Police Officer, and first responder who is able to go home safe and sound to their family and loved ones at the end of their tour.
  • Pella Tulip Festival Contest! Barb Luker and Jean Sandland  (Since we got so behind, we drew two winners this time!)  The answer was 80,000 tulips!   Jean wins a $15 Gift Card to the St. Peter Food Co-op! Other correct answers included:  Richard Broich, Cathy Leonard, Sally Geary, Beth Bjorklund and Mary Gunderson.
  • Richard Broich won the Tropical Toucan Contest. He won the 24 oz. box of Whitman s Chocolates. Other correct answers included Deb and Dave Vetter, Mary Gunderson and MaryAnn Harty.
  • Swedish Coffee Contest!  We go a lot of correct answers on this….an EGG is added to Swedish Coffee! Congrats to Wanda Anthony on winning this contest! Other correct answers were sent in by: Dave Vetter, MaryAnn Harty, Krisha Ekenstedt, Barbara Luker, Brenda Todd-Bense and Mary Gunderson!
  • Congrats to Nancy Beran on winning our last Natural Disaster Contest.  The Grasshopper Plague hit Minnesota in 1875!  Nancy wins a Nicollet County Bank navy blue stadium blanket!
    Other correct answers were submitted by:  Don Underwood, MaryAnn Harty, Barbara A. Luker and Sue & Tim Underwood.
  • Stan Solberg won the Chicago Navy Pier Contest!  He won a $10 Dairy Queen Gift Card. Congrats also to Joey Hulsebus who also got the correct answer!  The answer was ALL of the above can be found at the pier!
  • Congrats to Vicki Hagen on winning the Tulip Festival Contest! Her correct answer of 80,000 tulips are planted in Pella each year won her a spring plant from NCB!
  • Sue Underwood won the box of chocolates for the Cupid’s Mom Contest. Other correct answers were sent in by Samantha Anderley, Brenda Todd-Bense, MaryAnn Harty and Richard Broich.
  • Lutefisk is NOT a flatbread so the answer was “C!”  Congratulations to MaryAnn Harty on winning the Lutefisk Contest!  She wins a box of Whitman’s Chocolates!  Other correct entries included:  Richard Broich, Joe Peterson, Crystal Winterfeldt, Chris Underwood and Kim Taylor!
  • Joe Peterson won the Turkey Contest. Joe won a Navy Blue NCB Stadium Blanket.
  • Brenda Todd-Bense won the State Fair Contest by correctly guessing that Jello on Stick is not available at the Fair... at least not yet. Brenda wins the NCB stadium blanket.
  • Jan Netzke won our Gangster Contest with the answer, Hamm & Schmidt Brewing Companies! She won a $10 gift card to the St. Peter Dairy Queen! Other correct answers also submitted included: Janet Schultz, Richard Broich, Brenda Todd Bense and Vicki Hagen.
  • Congratulations to Gil Carlson on winning the last “Blarney Stone Contest!” The answer was indeed, the “gift of gab.” Other correct answers also submitted included: Richard Broich, Dwile Kwasniewski and Carol Knutson.
  • Congratulations to Sally Geary on winning our Ricky Rubio contest! Ricky started playing basketball for the Spanish Basketball League when he was just fourteen years old! Sally wins an NCB stadium blanket! Other correct answers included Stan Solberg and Richard Broich.
  • Congratulations to Beth Bjorklund on winning our Rudolph Contest! Beth wins a large box of chocolates! Other correct entries included: Barb Luker, Shelley Hoffman and Richard Broich.
  • Congratulations to Stan Solberg on winning the “Weight of the Brain” contest! The average human brain weighs 3 pounds. Other correct answers included: Mary Snyder, Wanda Anthony, Cindy Erkel, Dwile Kwasniewski, Wanda Trocke, MaryAnn Harty, Richard Broich and Tracy Stuewe.
  • Congratulations to Mary Snyder on winning the last NCB website contest on the Minnesota TWINS! We had lots of correct guesses so we drew from the correct answers. Mary wins a $15 gift card to the St. Peter Dairy Queen! Other correct entries included: Mike Ferragamo, Carol Solberg, Barbara Luker, Lori Mueller, Bob Rodning, Brenda Todd-Bense, Becky Vosburg and Anne Ferris!
  • Brenda Todd-Bense won the Tulip Festival contest. (Answer: most people dancing at one time, wearing wooden shoes) Brenda wins the gift certificate to the Cedar Grille.
  • St. Peter Trivia Contest: Dan Honetschlager wins the $15 Gift Card to the St. Peter Food Co-op. Congratulations also to Brenda Todd-Bense, she also named several St. Peter grocery stores!
  • M&M's Contest: Congratulations to Jan Schultz on winning our M&M’s contest. Jan won box of chocolates for knowing the “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands” television line started in 1954. Other correct entries included: Penny Smith, Dan Honetschlager, Kris Kumlien and Beth Kennedy. Thanks to everyone for participating!
  • Jared Allen Contest: Congratulations to Judi Malmborg on winning our last Jared Allen Contest! The correct answer was “all of the above!” Thanks to all the other folks who entered the contest! Other correct entries included: Dan Honetschlager, Bob Lamb, MaryAnn Harty, Kristine Kumlien, Carol Knutson, Richard Broich, Tracy Stuewe, Perry Severson and Barbara Luker! We had to draw from the correct answers, and Judi won this time!
  • Mankato Moondogs Contest: Congratulations to Richard Broich on winning our Moondogs Contest. Curtis Granderson was the former Mankato baseball player to move on to play with the big leagues! Richard wins a $15 gift certificate to the St. Peter Dairy Queen! Thanks to all who participated in our last contest!
  • Target Field Contest: Congratulations to Joseph Peterson on winning our TWINS Target Field Contest. The actual number of toilets installed at Target Field is 667! Other correct answers sent in included: Jim Johnson, Richard Broich, Carol Solberg, Barb Luker, Dan Honetschlager, Jon Thompson, Mary Ann Harty, William Geary, Barb O’Connor, Tracy Simmons and Brenda Todd-Bense! Oh, lots of correct answers this time!
  • Brett Favre contest: Congratulations to Lynn Helfman on winning our Brett Favre contest! She won the NCB duffle bag and a $15 DQ gift certificate! Other correct entries included: Tim Wagner, Paul Guerrero, Brenda Todd-Bense, Barbara Luker and Richard Broich! Brett Favre’s major was in Special Education, not Sports Medicine!
  • Pork Contest winner: Carol Wilkinson! She won a gift certificate to Patrick’s Restaurant! Other correct answers were also submit by: Brenda Todd-Bense, Richard Broich, Deidra Willson, Barb Luker and Jim Johnson
  • Costa Rica Contest:  Congratulations to Deidra Willson on winning our Costa Rica Contest!  Depending on where you read, there are either 5 or 6 active volcanoes in Costa Rica. Since we found two numbers, we drew from all answers of “5” and ‘”6”! The Arenal Volcano is the most active and the most famous! (Other correct entries were submitted by: Barb Luker, Kari Wendroth, MaryAnn Harty, Mary Ann Kisor, Wanda Anthony, Brenda Todd-Bense, Julie Roessler and Larry)
  • Barbara A. Luker won the Baseball Contest. The Cincinnati Red Stockings was the 1st professional baseball team in the U.S. Barb wills a $15 gift certificate to the St. Peter Dairy Queen! Other correct entries included: Becky Vosburg, William Geary, Carol Knutson, Richard Broich, Wanda Anthony, David Bushell, Marlene Schwartz, Carrie Muell and Barb O’Connor! Thanks for all your entries….we picked Barb Luker’s name from the correct answers.
  • Congratulations to David Bushell on winning our Hershey’s Kiss website contest. He wins a gift certificate to River Rock Coffee House. Thanks also to others who had the correct answer: Sharon Lenz, Richard Broich, Carrie Muell, Jessica Stadick, Wanda Anthony and Heidi Baker
  • Congratulations to Bob Lamb on winning our Turkey Contest! He wins a $20 gift certificate to Whiskey River Restaurant! Other correct answers were also sent in by: Amanda Loken, Richard Broich, Carol Knutson, William Geary & Keith Bense.
  • Our last FDIC Insurance contest confused folks since they recently increased the coverage to $250,000 per depositor. Please use the EDIE calculator on our home page to figure out your coverage at Nicollet County Bank. We’ll add a little more to our contest prize this month!
  • Congratulations, Carol Knutson, winner of the Minnesota Twins Contest.
  • Congratulations to Kevin Lund on winning our last “1883” contest! The answer we were looking for was D—The Federal Reserve Banking System wasn’t passed until 1913. Nicollet County Bank has some old bank notes that were exchanged prior to today’s Federal Reserve Bank notes. Other correct answers were sent in from : Keith Bense, Chris Domras, Barbara O’Connor and Mary Ann Harty!
  • Congratulations to David Bushell on winning our Penguin Contest! The Magellanic Penguins were the cute penguins photograped while on the South American tour last February! David wins the two pound box of chocolates! Thanks to the other entries from: Kieth Bense, Deanna Biehn, Carol Myhra, Richard Broich, Chris Domras and Mary Ann Harty!
  • Congratulations to Wanda Anthony on winning our Oktoberfest Contest! She won a $15 gift certficate to Patrick’s Restaurant in St. Peter! Other correct answers were also sent in by: Chelsea Alger, David Bushell, MaryAnn Harty, Richard Broich, Dan Honetschlager, Carol Myhra and Bill Geary.
  • The winner of the last MINNESOTA TWINS contest is Barb O’Connor! She won the $15 gift certificate to Whiskey River Restaurant in St Peter.
  • The winner of the "More Cheese Please" Dairy Days Contest is Brenda Todd-Bense! Her correct answer of “California” was the correct answer drawn for the DQ gift certificate! Congratulations also to the other correct entries from: Tracy Simmons, Chris Underwood, Richard Broich, Bill Geary, Barb O’Connor and Wanda Anthony!
  • The winner of the Beatrix Potter contest is Dan Honetschlager! The correct answer of the “Mad Hatter” was the only character listed NOT created by Beatrix Potter. The Mad Hatter appeared in “Alice in Wonderland!” Dan wins the DQ gift certificate! Congratulations also to those who submit more correct entries: Jean Millner, Barb O’Connor, Jess Hardy, Sherry Anderson, MaryAnn Harty, Richard Broich, William Geary and Joyce Merino!
  • The Sweetheart Candy Contest had lots of entries! Congratulatoins to Carol Myhra on winning the Sweetheart Candy Contest! She wins a gift certificate to Patrick’s on Third. Other correct entries included: Barbara O’Connor, Sherry Anderson, Deb Johnson, Holly Bjorklund, Tracy Simmons, Bob Lamb and Ruthann Weelborg!
  • Jan Schultz won the Burl Ives contest! Ives sang/narrated in the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer television movie. Congratulations to the other people who also sent in the correct answers: Carol Myhra, Margie Schliemann, Bob Lamb, MaryAnn Harty, Terri Brock, Barb O’Connor, Chelsea Alger, Brenda Todd-Bense, Rebecca G. and Sherry Anderson.
  • The winner of the Ellis Island contest is Sherry Anderson. She wins a $15 gift certificate to Whiskey River Restaurant! Congratulations to the others who also sent in the correct answer (over 16 million people were processed through Ellis Island): Bill Geary, Carol Myhra, Mary Ann Harty and Richard Broich!
  • Famous Dogs Contest winner was Richard Broich! Mary Ann Harty was close, but she missed one name, “Spuds MacKenzie.”
  • The winner of our Minnesota Vikings contest is Bill Geary! Bill guessed the fist player ever drafted by the Vikings: Tommy Mason. Congratulations Bill! Other people who also submit the correct answer were: Richard Broich, Mary Ann Harty and Taylor Jones. Thanks to everyone for sending in answers!
  • Richard Broich wins the $15 gift certificate to Whiskey River Restaurant for giving us three correct answers to the Dr. Seuss contest! Thanks to the following other people who also sent in correct answers: Dan Honetschlager, Brady Vollmers, Lisa Schultz and Bob Lamb!
  • DTN Farm Network Contest: The winner is: Joyce Merino. She wins a $15 gift certificate to Patrick’s Restaurant & Bar.
    Thanks to other correct participants: Chuck Wenner, Richard Broich, Bob Lamb, Dave Vetter, Anna Mae Barklow and Dan Honetschlager!
  • Cy Young Award Winners: Minnesota TWINS Cy Young Award Winners were Johan Santana, Frank Viola and Jim Perry! Congratulations to Mary Ann Harty on winning the Ooodles Gift certificate!
  • What position did Harmen Killebrew play? Bill Geary won this contest, and his answer was thorough: He mostly played 1st base (in 969 games, mostly with the TWINS).
  • Ice Palace Contest: Bob and Dana Lamb win the Ice Palace Contest! Thanks also to Carol Myhra and Crystal Berry for their contest entries. The correct answer: 500,000 people visited the St. Paul Ice Palace last year!
  • Chocolate Contest: Congratulations to Colleen Tolzmann! The average pounds of chocolate a person consumes per year is 11.7 pounds! Colleen won the 30 pound Hershey Bar, which should put her waaayy over the average!
  • Car Contest: Congratulations to Bob Lamb, who guessed the total value of the autos in the bank lot was $1,512,500.  Bob wins a $20.000 gift certificate to Whiskey River.
  • TV Trivia Contest
    Congratulations to Dean Wahlund on winning the TV Trivia Contest!
  • Red Hat Society Contest
    Carol Myhra won. She received a gift certificate to Whiskey River.
  • Superbowl Contest
    Marlene Schwartz won the Superbowl Contest (Other correct guesses included Bill Geary and Michael Graves) The Most Superbowl Wins: Dallas and San Francisco and the Most Losses: Minnesota, Denver and Buffalo
  • Old Spanish Money Contest
    Congratulations to Dave Vetter on winning the "Old Spanish Money" contest!  Dave's answer of "Wampum" correctly identifies the beads used as money in the early days! Thanks also to Richard Broich, Erin Winchell, Erik Elbieh, Brian Kleinke and "brick!" They all sent us the correct answer!
  • Statue of Liberty Contest
    Congratulations to Brian Kleinke on winning the Statue of Liberty contest! The statue's weight is 225 tons! Thanks to David Bushell and Dragyn5 who also guessed the correct weight.
  • Iguana Contest
    Bill Geary. His wife Sally also had the correct answer, so they will be sharing the St. Peter Subway Gift Certificate. Congratulations!
  • Spam Contest
    Congratulations to Kara Honetschlager. She wins a $25 gift certificate to Patrick's Restaurant and Bar.
  • Christmas Tree Contest
    Congratulations to Dan Honetschlager. Dan receives a $25 gift certificate to Patrick's Restaurant & Bar.
  • 2002 New Car and Truck Show Contest
    Congratulations to Mary Ann Harty, who guessed that the total net value of the cars on the lot during the car show was $1.93 million. We had 57 vehicles on the lot with a total value of $1,830.613. She wins a Vikings umbrella.
  • Twins Allstars Contest
    Congratulations to Scott Fish. Scott wins a gift certificate to Dairy Queen!
  • New State Quarters Contest
    Congratulations to Erik Elbieh, a student in Colorado Springs who is an avid coin collector. And the state is Tennessee.
  • Mortgage Rate Contest
    Congratulations to Jim Schmitz. Jim's quess was the closest at 6.13%. The rate last November 21st was 6.25% for the 15 year fixed rate mortgages!
  • Car and Truck Show Contest
    Congratulations to Terry Morrow. The actual total price of the vehicles on display at NCB was $1.7million! For the correct answer, Terry won a $25 gift certificate to Whiskey River Restaurant!
  • Another Cow Contest
    Congratulations to the Cows Contest Winners (two of 'em): Mark Otteson and Jim Schmitz. They'll each get a $10 gift certifiate to the St. Peter Dairy Queen.
  • Superbowl Contest
    Congratulations to David C. Anderson for coming up with the winner of the Superbowl. David won a $15 gift certificate to Whiskey River Restaurant
  • Cars and Pork Sandwiches!
    Congratulations to Joel Brinker on winner our pork sandwiches contest! Joel guessed that we served 725 pork sandwiches at our October Car Show! The actual number was 744!
  • In Honor of the New State Quarter Series III
    Congratulations to Melanie O'Malley on winning our last web site contest, guessing the state of Maryland on the state coin contest! Melanie won a $15 gift certificate to the River Rock Coffee House!
  • Counting Cows
    The state that has the most dairy cows is California! We drew Nancy Lager's name from the correct entries! Congratulations Nancy! Thanks to the entries also submitted by: MaryAnn Harty, Virginia Farrell, Pat Pehrson, Sandi Smith, Mark Otteson, Denny Rossiter and "Gustie1999!"
  • In Honor of the New State Quarter Series II
    Part II of our Quarters Contest was won by Shirley and Ron Michels. They won a $15 gift certificate to Patrick's Restaurant & Bar. Congratulations!
  • In Honor of the New State Quarter Series!
    Congratulations to Mary Scholl on winning the last State Quarters Contest! The third state to enter the Union was New Jersey! Mary won the gift certificate to Whiskey River Restaurant. Other correct answers were submitted by: Lisa Cummins, Gary Swedberg and Carl Peterson.
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  • Toy Story 2 Contest!
    Congratulations to Mark Otteson on winning our "Toy Story 2 Contest!"
    Mark submitted the names of Woody, Hamm and Buzz Lightyear! Thanks to Eric Olsen, Brittani Lamb, Bryan Jarvis, Spencer Gault and Carl Peterson who also submit correct guesses. We drew Mark's name from the entries.
  • Annual New Car & Truck Show Contest!
    Congratulations to Sherri Hantelman on winning our last New Car contest! Thanks for submitting your guess, Sherri!
  • Summer is Flying...
    Congratulations to Carl Peterson on winning our "Summer is Fleeting..." Contest! Carl e-mailed us three Beach Boys sons with the word "summer" in the title:  "Summer in Paradise," "Summer Means New Love," and "All Summer Long!"  Carl won a purple Vikings umbrella!
  • Got Milk?
    Mike Smith guessed that Minnesotans drink an average of 32 gallons of milk per year! (Thanks also to Maggie Kennedy and Joel Olson for their correct guesses...We had to draw a name for the winner!)
  • Trivia Time!
    Congratulations to Terry Morrow for winning our Trivia Time Contest! What color was coke originally? GREEN! (No one guessed the right color so we drew Terry's name.)
  • Travel Time!
    Congratulations to Jim Schmitz who correctly identified the six Saints Club Tour destinations for 1999. He won the $15 gift certificate to Whiskey River Restaurant. Thanks also to Mary Scholl, who also correctly named this year's tour destinations for the NCB Saints Club!
  • Superbowl!!
    Well, the Vikings didn't make it, but they gave us a great year. Nobody got this one right, but a winner was drawn from all the entries we received, and the winner is Dan Deschaine. Dan will get his choice of the Vikings umbrella or Nerf football for the prize. Dan added a cute comment regarding the ref's bad calls:
    "Though Denver plays a strong game,
    The Vikings win with finesse;
    And the refs, quite remarkably,
    Are perfect, no less."
    Thanks to following who also submitted contest guesses: Charlie Casserly, Eric Olsen, and Joel Olsen
  • Teletubbies are Everywhere!!
    Craig & Ryan Rossiter are the winners of the Teletubbie Contest!!
  • The October Car Contest!
    Kevin Koch guessed $ 1,415,700.15 for the total amount of the NCB Auto Show car sticker prices. The actual total amount was $ 1,484,626.20. Congratulations Kevin, on winning the $20 worth of gas for your automobile! MaryAnn Harty also submitted a close guess with $ 1,342,968.25. (Ron Arsenault submitted a guess....but I think it was for some other contest! His guess was "7".)
  • The August/Zeptember Contest!
    Congratulations to Joel Olsen for winning the last NCB website contest! Joel took a guess at what the "Z" stands for in Z. Sam's name. His guess wasn't correct, but hey, he won a pair of movie tickets! What does the "Z" stand for? Email us if you're curious...otherwise we'll keep it a mystery!
  • June Dairy Month Contest
    The winner of the Dairy Days contest is Pat Pehrson. The 4 stomachs cows have?
    Omasum, Abomasum, Reticulum and Rumen.
    Larry at also guessed the four stomachs correctly. However, he named them O'Malley, Absolom, Rhodadendron and Mike.
  • The $10,000 Bill Contest
    Lisa Cummins had the correct answer of Salmon P. Chase on the $ 10,000 bill. Lisa's name was drawn from the correct entries, she won an NCB Cookbook. Others with correct entries included: Cande Roberts, Ian, and Mike someone! (our apologies to anyone else who guessed correctly, but may have been missed due to the tornado, etc.)
  • The $1,000 Bill Contest
    The highest denomination of the US dollar is currently the $100 bill.
    Larger denominations were once printed and were, for the most part, held by banks and clearing houses to be used to settle large cash balances. A $1,000 dollar note series was issued by US banks in 1928. Another $1,000 note series was issued in 1934. Can you guess which US President's face was on the front of the $1,000 note? The Winner: Kevin Koch! Thanks, Kevin, for reminding us that the capital of Ohio is still Columbus Cande Roberts, Jim Schmitz and Lisa Cummins also guessed correctly!
  • The Reindeer 1997 Contest
    Simply name all nine of Santa's Reindeer... Spelling counts,
    and extra credit will be given for an alphabetized list.
    And the Winners Are: Dan Deschaine and Kara Dale!
    They both sent in alphabetized lists of Santa's Reindeer... So now you know who to call when you NEED chocolate!!
  • The October 1997 Car Contest
    October 10th was NCB's annual New Car & Truck Show. We asked you to guess the value of the autos on display. The person submitting the closest guess won a free tank of gas, compliments of NCB (value of $20). The actual total was $1,268,825... and the winner was Bruce Thomsen, with a guess of $1,413,600.35. The next closest guesses were Julie Storm, with $1,008,053.20 and Yvonne Karsten, with $840,000
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